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It’s True: You really can plan your next hybrid event and here’s how…

Hybrid meetings and events are creating new opportunities for meeting professionals in terms of content delivery, engagement and attendance. As a result, the skills to plan hybrid events are about to be required knowledge. Meetings will be extended to a virtual audience and planners need the tools to plan and execute them efficiently. 

Led by hybrid expert Mahoganey Jones of Event Specialists, our team of experts are ready to share their secrets to producing successful hybrid events. Created for meeting professionals by meeting professionals, this 5-part series contains the practical information needed to plan a hybrid meeting or event. Add our series (and experts) to your meetings toolkit!


Session 1: Introduction to Hybrid Meetings

In this introductory session, we start with the foundations of virtual and hybrid meetings and then dive into the essentials necessary to plan a hybrid event. What are your objectives and how do you ensure your meeting provides a return on both the objectives and investment? 
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design, 1.25 CEs

Session 2: Getting Started with Hybrid Event Design and Teams

Get ready to dive in! We’ll start with a case study to get everyone thinking in terms of hybrid event delivery.  Then we will use hybrid event design to build our foundation.  Hybrid events requires more event design work than in-person events, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  The course builds from these starting blocks. From pre-event to onsite, we’ll talk teams and how responsibilities differ from in-person planning.  
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design, 1.25 CEs

Session 3: Technology and Engagement Best Practices

We do not have to be technology experts to produce hybrid events, but we do need to understand platforms, streaming technology and internet requirements.  We’ll bring in leading industry experts to share their experience and knowledge with you. Then, we’ll dive into the lifeline of hybrid meetings: engagement.  Best practices will be discussed to create an environment of learning, exchange and focus at your hybrid meetings.
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design, 1.25 CEs

Session 4: Attract People & Drive Revenue

You’ve outlined your objectives, you’ve created your hybrid event outline – but how do you market your event? Our experts are ready to share proven strategies to market your event.  You’ll receive a marketing and communications template to ensure your first (or next) hybrid event is a success.  This document will give you the process to successfully market and retain your attendees.

Strong marketing leads to increased opportunity to generate revenue.  Hybrid meetings that have great content can drive significant revenue for the organization at the event and afterward.  We will cover sponsorship opportunities, hybrid event pricing and how to monetize your event. We will give you the full picture of how your organization can build revenue from your events.

Lastly, we will discuss how ROI has been demonstrated through our experts’ real-life case studies.

CMP-IS Domain D: Financial Management 1.25 CEs

Session 5: Pulling it all Together with Project Management

The last session will test the group’s knowledge by looking at the project management side of planning your hybrid event.  This session is created to ensure you are ready to be comfortable having the conversation around hybrid events and the steps required to efficiently plan it. 

The course doesn’t end here! We will discuss how you can use these new-found resources as alumni after the course ends.
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design, 1.25 CEs

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Mahoganey Jones, CMP, DES

Event Consultant & Producer
Mahoganey Jones is a Certified Meeting Professional and Digital Event Strategist with proven success in planning meetings and events that…
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Rick Valois

Rick is responsible for production. This includes video content capture, venue preparation, coordinating any custom software development, final application assembly…
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